Program Description

Our program is designed to provide a wrestling knowledge base to young athletes. Our program is open to boys and girls in grades K – 8. Wrestlers in grades 7 – 8 are expected to participate in the middle school program and use the MYA program for additional practice and competition opportunities. Each wrestler competes according to his/her weight, age, and experience level. We do not have weight categories and wrestlers do not have to “make weight”. Our focus, as a program, will be:

  1. To provide a safe environment for each wrestler. Your wrestler is supervised at all times. We also have a strict “No One-on-One” contact policy.
  2. To provide the best instruction possible in an environment conducive to learning.
  3. To enhance the self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-discipline in each wrestler.
  4. To highlight the importance of nutrition and exercise in wrestling and in general health.

Our season begins end of November/beginning of December and runs through the end of February. The team typically meets twice per week for practices. Specific practice times and places will be posted on the schedule at the beginning of each season. Practices are currently planned to take place in the Merrimack Middle School cafeteria for all ages though K-4 will practice together as a group while 5-8 will practice separately as a group. 

We also compete in several tournaments during the season on an individual basis. Tournaments are announced with sign-up deadlines and each wrestler has the option to enter or not. The entrance fees associated with tournaments are paid for by the program. We highly encourage all wrestlers to enter the annual Merrimack tournament because it is designed to accommodate beginner wrestlers.

We depend on volunteer assistance in the form of board members, coaches, and team parents. We appreciate parent assistance and make every effort to accommodate volunteering preferences when we need to ask for help. Parents are expected to help us host our home tournament. It is the largest single fundraiser for the program.

Our main purpose is to share the love of wrestling with the next generation of athletes. We think that a program that builds a solid foundation of wrestling fundamentals will generate new interest and awareness for the sport among Merrimack residents. We think that the sport is exciting, rewarding, and character-building. We trust that in time, you will love it too!